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Watching over our Communities.

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Watching over our communities over what is happening on a daily basis.
We will like to report to you what is going on in our society that the other stream media will not even take interest.

This is a radio show about the day to day activities and the story of the Ilaje tribe from Ondo State , how they migrated from Ife to where they are found today and finally became the power behind the fishery. Ilaje is a Local Government Area in Ondo State, Nigeria.

The Ilajes are a distinct migratory coastal linguistic group of Yoruba peoples spread along the coastal belts of Ondo, Ogun, Lagos and Delta states, and originally made up of four geo-political entities namely: Ode Ugbo, Ode Mahin, Ode Etikan and Aheri. While most towns and villages in the Mahin kingdom (Ode Mahin) are distributed on arable lands, the towns and villages in the other three geo-polities of Ugbo, Aheri and Etikan kingdoms are spread out along the beaches and swampy terrains of the Atlantic Ocean coast.

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