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About Us

The Afrosky Radio is a virtual 24-hour broadcast station that runs interesting programmes for all ages. Our non-stop transmissions are targetted at keeping our esteemed listeners informed about global happenings, educating and sensitizing them on public issues and private life. We also run programmes which keep both young and old entertained and thrilled all day long.

At Afrosky Radio, we care deeply about our listeners and identify with the core of their humanity by addressing societal issues as they affect the masses across the world. More so, to show our appreciation, we constantly dish out giveaways to those who follow and participate in our programmes.

The uniqueness of Afrosky Radio is in its ability to connect with listeners – we stay awake when you are asleep, we rise with you and stay with you all through the day, we feel your heartbeat and calm your nerves, and those times you failed to tune in, we miss you like a sleeper misses the pillow.

In case you haven’t heard us yet, simply tune in to Afrosky Radio on the Afrosky App or via the World Wide Web at to enjoy radio broadcasting that is never out of reach.


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